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2018 Year 6/7 Waipara Camp

2018 Year 6/7 Waipara Camp Left to Right: Tyler, me, Alex
On the 12th February, 2018, the St Mark's School year 6/7 students went to Waipara for School Camp. Surprisingly, we all were able to fit in the one bus!

Bus TripThe bus trip was painful and loud. We were all squashed into the one bus so it kind of smelled as well. It was very stuffy and hot. I didn't like it atall!
ActivitiesLike last year's camp, we had some activities. Our group's first activity was Tree Climbing. It was fun though it was challenging at the same time. I got stabbed in the chest with a branch. Now I've got a huge scar down my chest! My favourite activity was The Flying Kiwi. I felt like I was Superman!
Life in the Bunk RoomsI stayed in a bunk room with 19 other boys! Although there were a lot of boys, I still got the rest that I needed. The fun part was that we sang lots of old Queen songs!
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